PMI Nicaragua


Filmed this with PMI last month in Nicaragua.


Korea & Japan

A few shots from our visit to Asia last week. We spent time in South Korea (visiting a friend) and then laid over in Tokyo for the weekend. Very much enjoyed seeing these cultures and incredible cities (Seoul & Tokyo). Yes, the camera stores in both of these cities were awesome, but Seoul actually had better deals and better selection I thought. K&J-150

This awesome view is from the New York Bar on the 42nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel. This is the bar in Lost in Translation with Bill Murray.

K&J-143Tokyo streets

K&J-147 K&J-118Japanese gardens

K&J-112One highlight from our time in Tokyo was waking up super early (2:30 am) to watch the Tuna auctions at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. This is the worlds largest wholesale fish market, or what I refer to as Sushi Central.

K&J-84 K&J-86 K&J-92 K&J-98 K&J-101K&J-104We had a 6 am sushi breakfast. When in Tokyo.

K&J-122 K&J-124 K&J-133A few frames with the 200mm 1.8 L , a discontinued lens I picked up in Seoul for a heck of a deal. #dontregretit K&J-141 K&J-105K&J-119 We also visited Korea, first actually. And we visited the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone which is the border of North and South Korea. K&J-26Our tour guide in the Secret Gardens of the Imperial Palace, SeoulK&J-66 SeoulK&J-60 K&J-54Testing out the new lens in SeoulK&J-44I was surprised at how many people smoked
K&J-43 K&J-36

K&J-40Seoul Streets
The DMZ, looking into N KoreaK&J-13 We also visited the Green Tea fields in the southern part of Korea, another favorite.

Here are the instagrams from the trip.


Playing with new toys

Playing around with the Canon EOS C100 and a Konova Slider the other week in Petoskey. Love the potential of this camera and hope to maximize it in the near future!



I visited Stefani in Nairobi a few weeks ago, as she was there for a 3 week work stint. One of the days we visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and another we went to Nairobi National Park, the only national park that sits on the edge of a major city. Pretty crazy. I “adopted” an elephant for Stefani from DSWT a couple christmas’ ago and since then she’s been a little crazy about the whole thing. We got in a fight once and she ended up with a Rhino as an apology. I created this problem, I realize this. Anyways, DSWT is in Nairobi, so of course we visited.

Elephants-12 Elephants-8 Elephants-4 Elephants-6 Elephants-10 Elephants-13 NNP-3 NNP-38 NNP-13 NNP-28 NNP-20 NNP-5 Kenya-1 Kenya-2


Charleston Interiors

I got to visit beautiful Charleston, South Carolina last month and photograph some interiors for Amy Luff and Margaret Donaldson Interiors. Here are few from the week.

Kiawah Ocean Course Home

MDI-110 MDI-106MDI-103Mount Pleasant residence

MDI-3 MDI-16Charleston home



MDI-49Kiawah Golf Course

MDI-53 MDI-76Amy prepping for a shoot at MDI’s new office space





A few from the NEEDTOBREATHE show in Detroit the other week.

NTB.Detroit-35 NTB.Detroit-24NTB.Detroit-18NTB.Detroit-34 NTB.Detroit-37 NTB.Detroit-99NTB.Detroit-109 NTB.Detroit-121 NTB.Detroit-214 NTB.Detroit-294 NTB.Detroit-281 NTB.Detroit-279 NTB.Detroit-286 NTB.Detroit-200 NTB.Detroit-204 NTB.Detroit-188

NTB.Detroit-90 NTB.Detroit-160