Korea & Japan

A few shots from our visit to Asia last week. We spent time in South Korea (visiting a friend) and then laid over in Tokyo for the weekend. Very much enjoyed seeing these cultures and incredible cities (Seoul & Tokyo). Yes, the camera stores in both of these cities were awesome, but Seoul actually had better deals and better selection I thought. K&J-150

This awesome view is from the New York Bar on the 42nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel. This is the bar in Lost in Translation with Bill Murray.

K&J-143Tokyo streets

K&J-147 K&J-118Japanese gardens

K&J-112One highlight from our time in Tokyo was waking up super early (2:30 am) to watch the Tuna auctions at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. This is the worlds largest wholesale fish market, or what I refer to as Sushi Central.

K&J-84 K&J-86 K&J-92 K&J-98 K&J-101K&J-104We had a 6 am sushi breakfast. When in Tokyo.

K&J-122 K&J-124 K&J-133A few frames with the 200mm 1.8 L , a discontinued lens I picked up in Seoul for a heck of a deal. #dontregretit K&J-141 K&J-105K&J-119 We also visited Korea, first actually. And we visited the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone which is the border of North and South Korea. K&J-26Our tour guide in the Secret Gardens of the Imperial Palace, SeoulK&J-66 SeoulK&J-60 K&J-54Testing out the new lens in SeoulK&J-44I was surprised at how many people smoked
K&J-43 K&J-36

K&J-40Seoul Streets
The DMZ, looking into N KoreaK&J-13 We also visited the Green Tea fields in the southern part of Korea, another favorite.

Here are the instagrams from the trip.


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