Trying to hit as many shows as possible this tour… Here are a few from Atlanta and Indianapolis.


NTB.ATL-66 NTB.ATL-137 NTB.Indy-18 NTB.Indy-63 NTB.Indy-66 NTB.Indy-84 NTB.Indy-85 NTB.Indy-86 NTB.Indy-89 NTB.Indy-100 NTB.Indy-234 NTB.Indy-262 NTB.Indy-266 NTB.Indy-276 NTB.Indy-298 NTB.Indy-301 NTB.ATL-88 NTB.ATL-121 NTB.ATL-125 NTB.ATL-131 NTB.Indy-50 NTB.Indy-138 NTB.Indy-198 NTB.Indy-212 NTB.Indy-219 NTB.Indy-269 NTB.ATL-72




3 thoughts on “NEEDTOBREATHE

  1. Josh!!! Serioulsy, I think you are getting better if that;s possible! Such great pictures! I like the ones that are kind of filmy (you know which ones I mean?) Great expressions, angles, lighting, and overall oictures! I wish I was a rockstar so you could make me look that cool!

    • You just made my day Calee Yoe. Great to hear from you! Sorry we missed you in Charleston last month… it won’t happen again!

  2. these are truly incredible… seriously, cannot believe you have all this talent in you. Ditto to Calee’s comment!

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