A visit to Nicaragua

I visited Nicaragua earlier this month to assemble footage for the announcement video for Palmetto Medical Initiative, which is posted on this blog a few entry’s previous. Here are some other images I shot while there. It is always very humbling to witness the conditions that people are born into in other countries.

The romantic side of a life unfamiliar 
A fishing village in Chinandega, Nicaragua
Daily Bread
I love the shadow he casts
The harsh side of a life unfamiliar 
This was on of the most difficult things I’ve ever witnessed.  Small children and adults rummaging thru a dump for metal (and by metal I mean bottle caps) to sell in the market
A husband…
and wife that spend parts of their days rummaging thru the dump
Unlike Africa, horses are a common form of travel and power in Nicaragua 
A proud horse owner poses for a portrait.
I must say, the people were beyond friendly  and great to work with. The only hostility was in Managua when I was told to leave immediately or else I might be killed for my camera gear ( a 300mm 2.8 on a 1Dmk4)  Okay, I probably shouldn’t have been in that alley way any ways and been so flagrant with my gear, but your in Nicaragua for a reason and I was only striving for that end goal.  * Fact: Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in all of Central America, so just cause I take risks, doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, just that I’m _____. 
Youngsters wait for the government run water trucks to stop 
Inner city Managua
And yes, Nicaragua has beautiful beaches
Looking forward to PMI getting settled into Nicaragua and continuing it’s global force for good.
See you soon,

2 thoughts on “A visit to Nicaragua

  1. Josh! These images are amazing! Thanks for sharing:) I so look forward to going on another PMI trip and these shots make me even more anxious to go soon!

  2. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into the life of the people in Nicaragua! I’m hoping to go to work with PMI there as well, and getting to see it through your lens brings it alive and makes me eager to get started!

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