I spent a week in Honduras last week assisting at a children’s home with a great group of people. We stayed in Tegucigalpa and ventured into the mountains each day. Honduras is a beautifully rugged country, with over 80% of it being mountainous and some beautiful coast on the northeast of the country. We took one day and went to Valle de Angeles and that was a nice way to see the country.

If you’d like a chance to go and assist, check out LAMB.

Valle de Angeles



7 thoughts on “Honduras

  1. Josh, these are fabulous! It was so great to meet you and Stefani in Honduras…maybe I will see you in Uganda…or Charleston…whichever comes first

  2. Josh, Fabulous pictures! I would love to see all of them. You really captured the essence of the place and people. Let us know when you get to Charleston!

  3. Hi Josh, great shots, I, too, would love to see all of the pix you took. I love the ones of the Honduran locals shown in black and white. Thanks for sharing.
    Dios la bendiga!!
    Debbie Buckner

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