Return to Montana

It had been years, 8 to be exact, since I had stepped foot in Montana. Having gone to college at the University of Montana in Missoula, I was thrilled to return to wear my photography career I reckon really began. It was interesting to reflect on why and how I ended up there, and how it was such a good time and place for me to be then. Looking back and seeing how much life has changed since those days… I think I left some stuff behind this past week. And that’s a good thing.

Matt and I flew in to Bozeman and drove up to Son’s ranch, north of Bozeman near the Crazy Mountains, to a town called Martinsdale.

under the bigsky

ever-changing weather

We hunted out of an old mink shed; protected from the weather, hidden from the candy land of deer activity below.

the view from above


11 pointed horned deer

black angus

freezing temperatures

Then one day we decided to wake up really early and go look for Elk in the freezing cold. It was awesome… I’m a huge fan of 4 wheelers and was really impressed to be able to drive these any where… I’ll probably get a couple one day. Way too much fun.

glassing for Elk

the river bottoms ranch

thanks for the fatal landscapes and wicked weather Montana… I’ll be back to fish this summer.


One thought on “Return to Montana

  1. Josh, these are AMAZING!!!! How you can capture beauty in every situation is unbelievable, a true gift. And from someone who isn’t the HUGEST hunting fan ever, you have all but convinced me to give it a go if I could do it in Montana. The first photo of the yellow grasses in the foreground is absolutely STUNNING.

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