The Reckoning

Back in April or May of this year I was fortunate to be asked to photograph the album artwork for my friends in the band NeedtoBreathe. I accepted it with much gratitude and a little bit of stress, no, actually, a lot of stress. These guys could of gone with anyone and they chose me… pure stress.

Carrying on; it was an awesome experience working with the guys. It was easy cause they are friends, but alas, weighed heavy knowing it was the album artwork and that Atlantic Records was fitting the bill. Conference calls, equipment rentals, a few day long shoots, Grace ordering sandwiches for everyone and some scotch’s on the rocks and a lot of over analysis later we arrived on the day of our shoot. We shot at a secret spot south of Charleston. We rented a couple fog machines, had stylist Brandy St. John fly in from L.A. with some custom suits and went to work about 4am. It was a lot of fun and an even better learning experience.

The Album was released the other week, The Reckoning. Go pick it up, download it, whatever, just go get it and listen to it for awhile. These guys are such humble, talented professionals. They have vision and creativity, and that was crucial in making this shoot be a success.



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