Kiawah Wedding

Heather and Chip Johnston got married this past weekend on Kiawah… it was beautiful. The clouds hung in there all morning, and then, right during the ceremony, bam, the sun came out and melted everyone. I went thru 2 dress shirts in 2 hours… absurdly hot… but none-the-less, Heather looked beautiful and a great time was had by all.

Congratulations Heather and Chip! Enjoy the travel in Europe!

the dock

getting ready

checking out Hannah’s work

looking out over the Kiawah marsh



the groomsmen 

the view from above

The Yoes


Matt’s next business idea: A Rent a Henry

cooling off after the ceremony

i converted back to a breakfast eater after Cru Catering’s awesome crepes and eggs benedict… ridiculous. 

Calee pushed me out of the way for these… (sorry it’s blurry Allison!)


the little jerry mcguire kid?



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