Crossing borders

We left Santiago the other day and crossed the Chile-Argentina border. The border is a high pass in the Andes, way above tree line. Rugged and windswept, snowy and cold. Beautiful. Its like the 1970’s down here. The cars are old, the infrastructure aged, the border crossing process antiquated. But that is what’s cool. Sure, standing around in 20 degree weather for an hour and a half crossing the border is frustrating in the moment, but once you’re past it, and you look around and see where you are, it really isn’t quite bad, is it?

Leaving Chile. Ski Portillo, a classic Chilean ski resort, is a few miles from the border, chairlifts go over the highway. I plan on skiing that one day… apparently some of the best backcountry in SA.

Entering Argentina

Border mountains

Looking down into Argentina.

Were in Buenos Aires now. Into Uruguay tomorrow and then back to the US Saturday night and into a exciting week on the ground in Charleston.


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