Rainstorms and Earthquakes

Yesterday we were in Kinyara Sugar Plantation and a huge storm passed through in the afternoon. Today, we were out in cattle country doing clinics. Also, we had a 5.0 magnitude earthquake near Masindi this morning! That was a first for me. I was still sleeping, and was awoken by the house shaking. A crazy experience. The epicenter was only 29 miles away on Lake Albert, near the DRC.

Sugar Cane fires burn out as a storm pushes thru the plantation.  17-40 L f4

A sugar cane worker  85mm 1.2L

An old woman waits to be seen at the outreach clinic at Kinyara. 50mm 1.2L

Ugandan cowboy  35mm 1.4 L

35mm 1.2L



2 thoughts on “Rainstorms and Earthquakes

  1. Josh,

    I totally love the storm shot! When I zoomed did you see the bullet hole (I think) above the headlight? Authentic touch, eh?

  2. Incredible photos, as always, Josh. Can’t wait to see your stuff from this trip – video and stills. I’m jealous of your mark IV and the 300. I know it must be a blast to use those over there. Hope all is well. Safe travels.

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