Eddie. Edward. and wave and smile

There is a little boy over here named Edward. I call him Eddie. He has a terrible, yet encouraging story. Chasing after a futbol a few months ago, he ran onto an ash pile, a smoldering fire pit. In shock, he stood there, crying, unable to move, burning the flesh off his feet and ankles and lower legs. He was eventually pulled out, but not until burns covered his feet. He now comes to PMI’s Masindi Kitara clinic for daily topical coverings and new wound wraps. Melanie, Brittaine and I went to visit her today, and Brenda, one of our nurses came to interpret. It is a success story because everybody thought he was going to die when they brought him in. He was non-responsive, dehydrated and his skin black, flaking off. His parents turned away in tears.

Well, here is the little tike. Cuter than ever. Healthy, with still some weeks to recover, but none-the-less, a positive story.

Eddie on the edge of his bed. 50mm 1.2L

Eddie in the background with his little legs wrapped, while he watches childsplay. 50mm 1.2L

Here are a couple other shots from today. We went back to a market tonight at sundown and walked the back alleys. Half the population of Uganda is under the age of 15.

Children running thru smoldering trash piles to greet us. 50mm 1.2L

Traffic in the market. 300mm 2.8L


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