So I went to get set up my booth tonight for the South East Wildlife Exposition and I felt a little sheepish. This is my first time ever doing an event or gallery type thing, so I just made some 8×10’s and an 11×14 and some 5×7’s. Well, people have these huge displays up and lights and nice table coverings and I”m sitting there setting up my booth just kind of grinning, wondering what Matt just talked me into.

Well, I’m not too worried now. I’m actually selling a service at the event, or test marketing rather. The idea that Matt had, and that we have slowly been developing is the idea to document hunts and fishing excursions for people photographically, and with video. We have gotten positive feedback so far and this will be a big weekend of testing the waters per-se.

So, to compensate for my lack of expensive prints at the show, I”m brining in my laptop and monitor to have on the table. Also, I made some flyers/posters for folks to walk away with too. I was just telling Claire and Ed tonight that I never make prints of my work, everything stays digital for the most part, trapped inside numerous screens. It’s nice to see a print every once in a while….

These are two of my favorite posters. Oh yeah, I bought the domain name this week too. Some obvious wordplay there. A Drake is a mallard, a duck that folks hunt, as well as a fly used in fly fishing. Matt get’s the credit for the name, and I love it! Can’t wait to brand it up and see how this weekend goes.

If you’re in Charleston this weekend, I’ll be in the Embassy Suites. Stop on by and visit.


4 thoughts on “SEWE

  1. Josh, You are incredible. I hope that your week-end is very successful. You are doing amazing things. We send our love.

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