I’m a hunter

Yeah, That’s Right.

Never thought I would be… never really understood until a couple of years ago. And now, well, I’ll probably get a shotgun in the next couple months.  I had another privileged hunting experience this morning. Usually I go on hunts as a documentary photographer… this time, I got to shoot. It all makes sense now. I got to do a quintessential Southern hunt on a private island near Hilton Head, SC. Jason, Chris, Matt and myself made the 7 minute run up the river during the 4th quarter last night to land at Savage Island, the hunt club Jason manages. Really folks, a true privilege.

Jason and Abbey.

With a little chocolate English Labrador Retriever named Abbey and two pointer’s we set out into the beautiful forests to flush some Quail. The excitement of it really got me going, and I was just taking photos. The gun blasts, the quail, the dogs frantically running around, Jason calling them, birds dropping out of the air, misty flat light in a porous forest… it really is something beautiful.

Waiting to play.

I could walk this property every day…

On point.

My first harvest. I shot 3!

On point again…

Mornings harvest.

Jason, Abbey, Chris & Matt

“Good girl Abbey. Good girl.”

I gotta say it was a good day. I hunted successfully on the first try. I look forward to more of these times and enjoying the great outdoors in a new way. Next, a Turkey. Then a hog. Then a buck. My man room is beginning to take shape folks. “That’s Right.”

**Matt took some great photos today too. It’s a good thing he likes taking photos as much as he does. It certainly would have been a bummer if I hadn’t gotten some good shots for myself to enjoy today. Next time I’ll pass the gun back to you…



3 thoughts on “I’m a hunter

  1. Josh, no need to put the gun down when you are with us. You are welcome to shoot anytime. If you get serious about getting a gun, let’s talk before you do. Great photo’s, they are definitely worthy of G&G!

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