Marketing 101

So this is going to be a big year, one way or the other. There are a lot of exciting opportunities on the horizon and I am filled with anxiety and anticipation. I began putting my 2010 taxes together last night and was floored at what I was able, or rather, allowed to produce. I was nervous actually, and sent a panic stricken email to my tax guy. It’s gonna be okay.

Also, I am finally paying for one of my first Ad’s ever, and a wedding Ad at that. It took me awhile to decide where to advertise and which magazine to put my dollars towards. After taking in demographics and circulation and battling with cost, I went with Weddings Unveiled. It is a top notch wedding magazine with an East Coast (NYC) and Southern distribution. I’m excited to see the power of marketing, tracking back-end stats and see if the phone rings and inbox fills up… or if it is all just a waste. We will see!

Here is the Ad to drop on April 1.

(Can you identify this location in Charleston? ** Hannah and Danielle can’t play… sorry ya’ll)

Doesn’t Danielle look absolutely beautiful?

And one other thing… The Canon 1DmkIV. Wow. The HD video on that thing, with the prime glass I have now… it’s opened an entire new realm of what is possible. I mean, it makes me want to do more video than photos now… no joke. I don’t own it yet, but by the end of the month I should.

Cheers to 2011!


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