Walmart saves the day

While I was away in Uganda last week, Janelle went to Walmart to get some christmas cards printed off. Later that day, she got a call from Walmart, saying she needed to bring a copyright notice in with her when she returns to pick them up. Why, she asked?

“Cause these look professional and we need to have a signature.”

“My brother in law took them, and he is in Africa right now!”

“Sorry, we need a document.”

Way to go Walmart. Doing your job. She put together an email from me and took it in but didn’t end up needing them after all. A funny little anecdote though.

Eli and Avery.


One thought on “Walmart saves the day

  1. Yep, of all places, Wal-Mart is patrolling copyright infringement. Makes me smile especially when I know how often things are grabbed off the internet and printed, redistributed, etc.

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