Clinic Prep

Here are a couple of “snaps” (as they call them here in Uganda) of the PMI Clinic that has been built in the past 6 months. Michael O’Neil is the Project Manager here in Uganda and he did a punch list walk thru today. It is very cool to see how this project has developed over the past two years and ultimately resulted in this clinic. The team is on their way now, if not, very soon, and they will be christening the clinic on Monday. The president of Uganda and other high officials will be present as well on Sunday for the ribbon cutting.

Contractors making integrity checks and applying finishing touches to the laboratory.

Michael taking care of last minute details.

The president of Uganda will be present on Sunday for a ribbon cutting and tour.


One thought on “Clinic Prep

  1. I am this much jealous that you’re there. It’s amazing to see how far the clinic has come in such a short time. Definitely want to sit down with you when you’re back and see ALL of them…even the ones that don’t make “the cut”.

    have a great time!


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