Off to Africa

It’s been a whirlwind week and it is continuing in a few hours. I am fortunate enough to be going back to Uganda in just a few short hours to assist in the documentation of Palmetto Medical Initiative’s new clinic that has been raised in the past year. It will be my sixth time to Uganda in 23 months ( I never thought I’d say that). We have a great team coming over at the end of the week and I am thrilled to get back over there and see what God is up to and document from a new perspective. I am also excited to shoot exclusively with prime lens’ while I’m there, something I’ve been hoping for for a long time.

The exciting thing about this specific trip is that the PMI Clinic is complete/operational. So I am going over early to document our clinic and compare/contrast it with the local hospital. In addition, and more importantly, Ugandan VIP’s will be touring the clinic while we are there. The President of Uganda is expected, as well Bishops from around the country. The church is powerful in Africa, so that is a tip of the hat. It should be quite exciting.

Domestically, Matt and Hannah Alexander are the proud parents of little 6 lbs 3 oz Henry David Alexander. Congratulations guys! Look forward to catching up when I return.




2 thoughts on “Off to Africa

  1. Cant wait to see the pics when you get back. It hurts to have come this far on the project and not get to see it in person as we open but Im thankful that you and others will be there.

  2. Josh, these pics of the clinic and Uganda are so beautiful! I always look forward to seeing the new pics when you post your links to Facebook! Good luck on this trip and say hello to Museveni for me! My Best, Becca

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