a good night. a good cause.

Palmetto Medical Initiative hosted it’s first annual Family Reunion last night on Bowens Island. It was an opportunity for volunteers from all the past trips to gather and reconnect. It was also a great night for folks who have yet to go on a trip to learn more about PMI. Bowens Island is a rustic little island off James Island that harbors a true Low Country feel. As we prepared for the night, oystermen could be seen bringing in they’re daily catch.

Here are a few from the night.

Hannah Alexander of course transformed our little building into something we were all proud of.

Our rustic welcome.

Matt Alexander.

Dr. Ed O’Bryan and fiancee Claire Vernon.

I have become close friends with both of these guys in the past 2 years and the one thing that I return to often, is how important it was and is, for them to pursue they’re dreams. Without these two steadfastly pursuing their dream/mission/calling there would be no PMI. Their commitment illustrates to me the importance of pursuing passions and not just stopping with it being a good idea, but making it happen. (With God’s blessing of course.) So, thank you Matt and Ed for your commitment to PMI and allowing all of us to fulfill our dreams too.

M&M’s and Skittles

Will enjoying the Frogmore Stew (LowCountry Boil)

Oysterman cleaning their catch

Beer and Krispy Kreme.


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