I have 2 kids and a sister

That’s the funny conclusion that was accidentally drawn in a current Popular Photography article. I was surprised with an email a couple months ago with an email requesting an interview. Of course I was excited and quickly replied, submitted a handful of images and kinda forgot about it. They said they were interviewing a handful of photojournalists, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Well, I had a nice surprise when traveling through the Charleston airport last week. The November issue was out and I flipped though. There was Claire and Stewart in the Table of Contents! Nice, ok, thats cool. Then I opened it up and I got a double page spread and they quoted me often too. Kinda cool. Also, got a photo of my mom and nephew Eli in there too! A nice surprise I’m going to give my mom tomorrow when she arrives in the morning.

Claire and Stewart in the backyard. For the record, as much as Claire and I would be a good brother and sister act, we, in fact are not. Just good friends and that is her little nephew with her there.

And here is my Mom and Eli. And for the record, Eli is my nephew, my mom is my mom.

If you read the Captions in the article, it mis-identifies the kids etc… I found it humorous, however the folks at Popular Photography were highly apologetic, which was kind and respectful. I just told them we would all get a kick out of it being published and not to worry.


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