October Wedding

Firstly… Congratulations to Megan and Chris Simon on their wedding this past weekend!

This has quickly become one of my favorite photographs from this wedding season. The sparkler shots can be challenging and very iconic, and I think this one worked out well.

October has to be one of the most pleasant times to get married in Charleston. I got to wear a sport coat on Friday, and it was not to cover up sweat this time! Hannah Alexander was the designer for their wedding, so it was obviously a very relevant and chic design, which just makes my job easier. Kudos Hannah.

The only thing with shooting later in the fall and into winter, is that the day’s are shorter. This means more flash, but, also more low light shooting, which is nice. We were pushing the light with Megan and Chris on Friday, but we ended up getting some gritty, cool images down in the Old Village a little past sundown. The cool thing with shooting after sundown, is all of the ambient light starts to kick in.

Walking around the Old Village.

This is not a chronological post… but here is a super grainy shot of them leaving the church. The expression is what really matters… right?

I already posted a gallery on my wedding website, so go there to see more!

Congratulations again Megan and Chris!!


7 thoughts on “October Wedding

  1. Josh!!! I love the shots you got. Two of my faves are the sparkler heart…so cool…and the shot of Megan and Chris in front of the BOO house. LOVE that!

  2. Josh! These are freaking awesome! (I may or may not be a little biased) Sass and I confessed to each other last night that we feel like we’ve stalked you because we have looked at your blog/website at least 5 times a day. That’s ok right??

    I seriously LOVE all of them, you are seriously talented my friend!

  3. I love, love, love what you did!! You are truly amazing and I was so impressed! You were so sweet and so willing to do everthing we asked you to do. So exciting for me!!!

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