Morningside Tide

Woke up before sunrise this morning and drove down to Kiawah with Matt. We met up with Ben at his home and paddled off to the islands for some fishing. The South Carolina low country is really growing on me lately. I think photographing it more makes me appreciate it more, anything for that matter actually. Photography for me is a vicarious experience.  Anyways, photographing Charleston and life down here is bringing out a new appreciation for the city and surrounding country. We didn’t catch much fish today… but I don’t think it’s all about catching fish when your wading through this type of beauty.

Back to this morning. Ben kick paddling across the river.

Matt in his element.


This photo of Ben (top) reminds me of the Wyoming country side… the sky is endless there, and blue, and the ground is a yellow shrubbery… color pallet wise, this is very similar.

Matt and Ben got bored and decided to have a casting contest to pass the time…


Ben won…


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