30 yrs.

It’s been refreshing turning 30. I feel like I have permission to grow up now; permission to step it up a notch that I just haven’t felt in the past. And it’s coming from no one but me, which is nice.  So, that said, my good friends here all got together to celebrate my old age and have a reason to drink some beers and eat cupcakes.

My family came over too, and Janelle dressed Eli in an ‘uncle Joshie’ outfit that was pretty awesome. It’s American. It’s classic.

Obviously, there was a lot of great talking and catching up that night, but we don’t have proof. So, we will show the end of the party, for which there were dogs in cribs, and ultrasound photographs etc…

Oh yeah, Luke was there… he had a great time with the spray can stuff…

The Ables’!The Ables’ and Molly!


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