the First

I’m really loving being with the family lately, Luke and Janelle and the kids that is. It is so hilarious to see the genes of my family come out in everyone. One particular gene is the ‘stupid humor’ gene that we all have, and by ‘we’ I mean my two brothers, Zach and Luke, and actually, Janelle has it to. Let me illustrate this point with the following photo of Luke, my conservative, Gastrointestinal Doctor of a brother running around the backyard with Avery’s balloon

… I’m laughing out loud right now…

Avery just turned one, which is call for a birthday party. This cracks me up, cause you know they don’t have any idea what is going on.

But none-the-less you have to have a party or else “you just feel like a bad parent”, Lindsey Ables said on a recent Saturday morning. So, we had a party for little Avery and some of her friends. It is really fun and slightly annoying being the family photographer. It’s fun cause, well the kids are cute and it’s easy in a sense cause your not dealing with adult self-consciousness and they are obviously cute and you just love them. Annoying cause the cute moments are endless and you can’t eat a piece of cake without someone yelling at you from across the room in a tone that makes you feel guilty for even considering eating that piece of cake.

But ultimately, these photos of the little ones growing up bring a whole bunch of joy to not only me, but the ones closest to them. Also, I think the ability to get really authentic moments is increased by constantly photographing my family because, well, I can just break people down and they just grow numb to me having that camera to my eye all of the time. Thus they just live their lives, uninhibited, with out a care for self image. And of course, these breed the best moments. This is what it looks like when Luke has had enough of me taking photos of him… did I just contradict myself?

Here’s to family and having great subjects whenever I need them, and vice versa.

“Get this… damn string…off …my…arm.”

Eli dressed up for his little sister.

Janelle taking the tantrums in stride…

Tech Heads:


35mm 1.4

85mm 1.2

Me and my favorite niece.


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