A hot, hot, wedding

I stepped out on my porch 3 hours before I had to be there to take a quick phone call… and I knew. I knew that in a few hours, dressed in pressed pants, a pressed shirt and tie, a sport coat, would be nothing against the oppressive late summer heat that Charleston harbors. Once I got to the Island House I began sweating. 20 minutes later, you would’ve thought someone had poured gallons of water on my head for minutes. It was ridiculous!

None-the-less, Hannah Alexander of WED had the place looking beautiful and Ben and Kendall’s wedding went off quite well. Clouds moved in later and cooled it off a bit, but most importantly, the guests were happy, the bride beautiful and got some good shots too.

Ben’s vow’s got everyone crying…

Some Very Cold Beer.


2 thoughts on “A hot, hot, wedding

  1. Nice shots….sorry I couldn’t be there to help!! Although sounds like the heat was pretty brutal…reminds me of my days in Costa Rica..haha! 🙂

  2. beautiful! I love these shots and I LOVE how the yellow really pops out everywhere… i think that is just what the bride wanted. I love how you can really see how fun this crew was even in these few photos. love these, josh!

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