Chicago walk around

I came for the weekend, and psych, 12 days later!! Ahh,  a hilarious inside joke from last night. Anyways, Kevin and Lauren (as well as Steve and Amy in Petoskey) have been gracious and have let me crash at there place as I wait for a job to fruit at the end of the week. So, I’ve been meandering around this awesome city for the past few days, part tourist, part business, and just snapped a few shots of Chicago. I think Chicago is my favorite city, there is so much young energy, it feels like a massive college campus. Anyways, here are a few from yesterday and I’m planning on shooting the sundown atop the Sears tower ( I know it’s not the “Sears” tower anymore, not sure what it is…) or the John Hancock building. Should be quite nice.

Trump Tower

The family business…

Lauren being silly…

awww, nat nice.

Da man.

The lake

Loving the 35mm 1.4.


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