Wine Country Wedding

My good buddy Adam Cross married the lovely Jill Powers this past weekend in Sonoma County , California. It was a gorgeous setting, and having some of the people you love most around you, and tons of new ones too, it couldn’t have been a more pleasant weekend.

Flood Gate Vineyard

Adam and Jill are an inspirational couple. In they’re short tenure together, they have endured challenges with grace. They’re wedding was postponed a year because Jill had to have brain surgery due to a large tumor. Absolutely terrifying. But it’s what left us all with tears in our eyes this past weekend. I love you guys. We all do.

Jill and her Father

This was of course Adam Cross’ wedding, so there were undoubtedly some hilarious stories and good times had by all. The best men speeches from Michael and Steve were hilarious and affectionate, but mostly hilarious.

Adam reliving his bowling alley manager days.

Here are some snaps from the day. I used my new 85mm 1.2 L lens pretty much exclusively for this wedding. It was a casual wedding and they only wanted a few shots. Well, it turned out that just shooting with that lens’ alone, works. And works well. Absolutely perfect lens. Shot all day and night without a flash. Gotta love that.

Some silly faces came out around dinner time…

Cross boys.

Little Cross boys, and of course, Amy.

Orville, Jill’s big brother.

Ok, I have to post one of my God Son, Adam Thomas Cross. A lot of b/w verticals at the end here… but thats okay. What beautiful people at the wedding, eh? Thanks Adam and Jill!


One thought on “Wine Country Wedding

  1. Josh, You are amazing. What glorious pictures! You certainly captured the wonderful day it was. You have amazing talent and amazing God-given gifts that you are using to their fullest. Keep it up. It was great to see you again and we look forward to seeing you later this summer. Please come over for a “house drink.” Thanks for everything. Love, Carol

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