First Takes

I got my lens this past weekend and immediately went to the park with my niece and nephew to test it out. I was re-assured from the very moment I put it on the camera, let alone the clarity and contrast that was delivered after taking my first frame of Eli.

Here is the first frame thru the lens… it’s of lil’ Eli…

And here are a few of Avery and Eli

I just really like this lens. It separates and isolates beautifully. It’s such a perfect focal length for intimate photographs. I love it. And it enables me to work in very low light too, which is a plus cause I don’t like to use my flash unless I have to. This is the fastest/largest/low-light lens out there and is perfect for how I prefer to shoot. Besides it’s size, it allows relative inconspicuousness due to it’s ability to shoot in low light, so that is huge. Also, the clarity and contrast is outstanding. Anyways, I’m sure I’ve lost most of you by now.



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