Political Picks

I got to photograph former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts yesterday.  He was visiting Charleston to endorse Republican Nikki Haley for governor of South Carolina, and I was asked to photograph a private event, hosted in a beautiful home in downtown Charleston. These events are fast paced and political. No pun intended. Everyone wants a photo. Everyone wants their hand shook. Everyone wants talked too.

Governor Romney speaking to guests and drinking a Diet Coke.

Being a photographer, you have to ‘take control’ of the room sometimes, which is something I’m getting more comfortable with.  “You, stand their.” “Gov. Romney, please straighten your tie” “Watch out for the dog.” ” On three! One! Two!”

I had to do that, politely shush people on once I got their photos with him. I told him to straighten his tie too, little stuff like that.  With anyone famous, for whatever they’re famous for, (an executive, a band member, a politician) they all seem to be genuine. I think that’s the one key link between people of a certain caliber, they can relate. Or can seem to relate, to the common person. Executives at BP. Some of the best speaking I’ve ever heard. Governor Romney’s hand shake. The firmest one yet. The guy’s in the band. Laid back and humble. It’s interesting, maybe we admire these folks cause they are willing to be honest with themselves and that roles off on to us when we meet them.  I know not everyone famous is cool, or humble or respectable, but the consistent impression is that they actually care about ‘you’ when you meet them. They have a way of making you feel like your a friend, a neighbor or a father. It’s weird. But it is a distinctive characteristic. Relatedness. And they do it really well.

Governor Romney and Republican Nikki Haley.

Hey, why not?


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