BBQ and Family

I met up with the family for dinner tonight. Needed to see the kids and Luke and Nelly. Definitely need some time with loved ones these days. Hanging around the family really gets you thinking about what you want in life. How your going to get it and what you need to do. There was a good sermon this week that talked about the importance of follow thru. That to be mature, you’ve got to follow thru. Don’t you love hearing something so obvious that you feel silly for not realizing it sooner?

Look at this little guy… it’s a self-portrait of sorts.

We got some good grub tonight… southern barbeque. yum.

Mustard is a new favorite of mine since living in South Carolina.

Another day of mothering washed away with a cold Blue Moon. It’s okay, she’s not prego for the first time in years, she can drink.

Luke’s actually a little upset that his little Avery is getting so cute. What will high-school bring? Shotguns.

Playing Uncle again.


2 thoughts on “BBQ and Family

  1. These are great pictures…. Loved the one of little Avery! It made me think back to the first time I babysat little Eli, I can’t believe how BIG he has gotten. Crazy how fast time goes by!

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