A song for everyday

Music has such an amazing way of comforting me. Perhaps it’s cause I have no musical talent whatsoever, or maybe because I can’t articulate for myself what I’m feeling as well as another.

Like, Ben Harper.

Isn’t it funny how the majority of songs are about relationships? Love really. How great it is to find it, how hard it is to lose it, how crazy you get when it’s in jeopardy?  At work lately (which wont’ last till tomorrow) all of these songs come on and they are almost all about relationships. It’s so common I’m sure we don’t even think of it. It’s, for lack of a lesser word, ubiquitous. Country, ’50’s bee-bop (which I hate now), alternative, reggae, punk, everyone is talking about a girl they covet or lost or something.

One funny note: I was at Matt’s today, and he made comments because I have some songs on my computer that I got from my brother that he got from my mother. “On my own” by Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald, to be exact. It’s such an overdramatic song, but, for some reason, me and I’m certain my brothers, know it verbatim. Sad, yes. True, even more so. It stems from cleaning the house on Saturdays as children and my mother blasting music throughout the house to ‘inspire us’ to clean. I don’t know how inspiring it was, but it surely concreted some terrible songs into our minds. I know for certain that all of us, Zach, 34, Luke 31ish and Me, approaching 30 ( I know that’s old Chrissy….) have these songs on our iPods and iTunes library’s. If you want us to choreograph a piece for you, I’m sure any of us could do it on the spot.

Back to Ben Harper. This guy kills it for me. I think he navigates the emotional realm honestly and humanely.  Have you listened to ‘Needed you Tonight’ lately? Absolutely spot on. “My own two Hands”? “Amen Omen?” “Morning Yearning?”

And wrap it up with a visit to the Book to the Hebrews 11:1.

Fist clinch.


One thought on “A song for everyday

  1. ANNNNNNDNNNNNN….stop. Ok Josh…you also listened to Sousa marches just to get you out of bed! Motown…, Lionel Richie…Penny Lover, Oleta Adams….”Get Here” ….think of all the heart and soul you have inherited. By the way, I don’t think any of us ever inspired you to “clean.” You talked us to death and Zach and Luke and I couldn’t stand it…and sent you away. Nice strategy to get out of home duty!!

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