Look the other way

It is extremely warm over here in Northern Uganda. Mid -day temperatures must have reached the mid-nineties.

I really value the mid day walks I take here in the middle of clinic. The patients and the disease and the pace of the clinic can really wear you down.  To escape I tend to take a mid-afternoon walk away from the clinic to go explore the neighborhood per-se, or hut-ville.

As a photographer, I think you must lose yourself in an environment, go observing and do your best to blend into your surroundings. How does a blonde haired white boy do that in Africa? WEll, at first, I don’t try to hide it. I let them see me, wave, say hi, interact, and then once they’re comfortable with me, they will return to what they are doing. The key is to stick around, look pre-occupied by scanning the horizon or looking at birds, not paying attention to them. Then, I can slowly turn my attention back to them, and capture the shots I really enjoy. Everyone works differently I’m sure. And to those who are screaming exploitation, I always show them the photos, and they love it.

Here are some more shots from the past two days.

Vendors hawking goat meat and bottled water.


One thought on “Look the other way

  1. The cool thing is with your photography… after being here and experiencing it, I can be an eyewitness to the fact that you really capture the essence of these people and their lives. It’s so cool. I cried when I read this post and saw these photos, and also the one of the scarlet fever girl… keep it up, Josh!

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