A Raw People

Ugandan’s are a raw people. They live in harsh conditions and live in dire poverty. It is so very challenging being over here at times. The daily slap in the face reminder of how fortunate we have it in America leaves me numb at times. I don’t know what to say to people.

Scarlet Fever.

As far as photographing this trip, I’m focusing on harsher lighting conditions, to reflect their lives more. I’m flipping to black and white too, because it just seems appropriate. We visited a orphanage yesterday, which is always an experience. An orphanage is where men immediately become softies and a woman’s nurturing instinct springs into action. It is tangible reminder that you’re alive.

I’m shooting primarily with my 135 f/2.0 and my 35mm f/2.0 because I want to. And also because prime lens’ are so much better.

Here are a few from the past 2 days.


One thought on “A Raw People

  1. Josh, these are awesome. I love that you’re going with a lot of black and white and that you’re playing around with doing unique things on this trip. I think you’re going to see new things through that lens and I’m excited to see your photos next week! Be safe and take care of ole Matt if you’re around him, too 🙂 I’m watching out for your girl back here… we’re headed to see Crazy Heart tonight. praying for y’all! hannah

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