I’ve been in the Mojave Desert this past weekend. Visiting my oldest brother Zach with my dad. It’s been a good time for sure. Numerous conversations about life and faith followed with stupid jokes I swear only my family would get.

Zach has such an imaginative sense of humor. He intentionally makes people uncomfortable with comments or situations just to see how one will react, and then when he gets what he’s looking for, just falls over laughing, struggling to breathe, while the person the joke is on, is left annoyed, or sheepish, or utterly confused. I agree, it is hilarious.

He has a friend named Hector. Hector is a very genuine,  chinese-american guy who is small statured and shy. I can’t even tell this story without laughing out loud. It’s so simple, it’s stupid. Hector is from Los Angeles, and has lived in Lancaster longer than Zach and actually owns a home here…   So after eatin IN-N-Out Burgers tonight, as were leaving, Zach asks… ” Hector, You know how to get home, don’t ya?”

Hector is exhausted with the question and just shakes his head…

I think you had to be there… It’s been awhile since I’ve laughed that hard. It feels good.

Anyways, What a pleasant weekend out here in Southern California. My dad and brother and I got a chance to discuss life and get re-grounded in what matters. And for us, that is our faith and living it out, maturing and becoming men of God. We fall terribly short. But the effort is the good fight.

We went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum in Simi Valley… and saw the original Air Force One.

One thing I’ve realized lately that brings comfort, is that Paul and Jesus were travelers. Always on the road, always with a mission. This is encouraging to me because I have a desire to see every corner of this world, and I don’t want to feel bad about it. Pack your bags Christine.

Good preaching in the middle of the desert.

In conclusion: I love authentic tacos…


3 thoughts on “Mojave

  1. I guess you did have to be there! haha JK. Sounds like you had a great time out there… can’t wait to hear all about it. Hope you brought back some In and Out Burger for me… and Sarah! Us Cali girls LOVE a good burger and milkshake from there. Anywho, pictures are amazing as always!

  2. I love that blurry black and white photo… and also authentic tacos. And why don’t I ever see you anymore? That’s a serious question…

  3. There’s a Mexican market/restaurant down the street, I would almost guarantee it would fail any kind of inspection, but the $1.25 authentic taco’s are awesome!!

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