We went off to Beaufort today, a little town some 60 miles south of Charleston. Off to enjoy the weather, see a new place, make some new photos and have a good excuse to eat some bad-for-you good-tasting food.

It was cloudless today, which I have learned to really enjoy. I have been trying to make myself see differently this past year, wanting to mature and simplify my eye a little. I don’t know why, I guess I just think it all looks the same after awhile. I shot with my little 35mm f 2.0 today, wide open. I love shooting wide open… it offers a unique feel to the images that is too heady to explain, so I’ll just leave it alone. It is my preference however.

We began driving down US 17 South over the Ashepoo River… and found a nice morning shot.

Just down the road we made a stop at a little vendor. The jolly owner offered up samples of his berry ciders and sweet potato butter. You’d feel terrible for days if you didn’t buy something from him. One bottle of Cider and one jar of Sweet Potato Butter please! Thank you!

Then off to Hunting Island State Park. This park is a hot shower on a cold day. Absolutely beautiful. Dolphins close to shore, equines on the beach, a historic lighthouse, hiking trails and vistas. I was impressed.

The view from atop the Hunting Island Light House. Views from the trail.

We wanted to go the Shrimp Shack, but I don’t carry cash. Ever. So we cruised back towards a restaurant I saw on the bend. It had to have been better, or maybe it was just the day was so great that nothing was gonna get in the way. Not a shrimp basket. Not even a bowl of shrimp chowder.

So Good.

Christine and I headed to downtown Beaufort to have dinner and do a quicker than imagined wine tasting. No joke, we were in and out in 20. Oh well.

Here she plays with the camera once, and gets the moodiest shot of the day. This reinforces my belief that women have an intuitive ‘eye’ for photography. An inherent sense of composition and content. You agree?
I had hoped to get this shot of Beaufort about 45 min’s after sunset. This looks more like 60-70.


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