Rainy Day Light

The more portraits I do, the more I love clouds. It offers the softest, most beautiful, least harassing light, and it’s free.

I opened up the garage door yesterday, pulled out a white bed sheet and hung it from the ceiling. The rainy day here in Charleston, combined with the open door created a huge soft-box. I pulled some of the Palmetto Medical Initiative staff in front of the sheets and began doing some candid portraits for their website.

I like to get people laughing when I do portraits. I think it helps to calm the inherent uncomfortableness that everyone feels when a camera is lifted, and secondly, I just like to see people with huge smiles that are authentic… that show a side of people that only people who know the person know. When you see a photo of a stranger, you don’t know if that is really them, or just a side they are putting on for the camera. I think when someone smile’s, it’s like a thumbprint. It’s unique. It’s uninhibited, silly, something we can all relate to and is intriguing to look at.  You know?

I shot these with my 50mm 1.4 wide open, to get that depth I enjoy so much.

Michael and Amanda (the couple) are leaving for Masindi, Uganda on Monday Feb 8th to live for a couple years. They will be playing a crucial role in the development of PMI’s medical facilities on the ground there.

Here are a few I enjoyed from the garage.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Light

  1. Im going to try not to take it personally that there were four people photographed that day and only three of them were included in this blog. Its been noted.

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